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Mr & Mrs Sveen

So excited to share this wedding with you. This was my first wedding back after having my third baby boy and it couldn’t have gone better. Megan lucked out with this guy  – he had a surprise for her and he sang to her during the ceremony. Enjoy the pics of an awesome couple!!

Nic surprised Megan with an extra band of diamonds on her wedding ring!! MeganNicringPINIMAGE
nicmeganwebPINIMAGE TheSveens-4cbwPINIMAGE

Love the extra details that have meaning like this handkercheif! TheSveens-10PINIMAGE TheSveens-29cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-31cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-40PINIMAGE TheSveens-42PINIMAGE TheSveens-67PINIMAGE

Megan, you are STUNNING! TheSveens-81PINIMAGE TheSveens-94PINIMAGE TheSveens-102cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-105PINIMAGE TheSveens-113cbw-PINIMAGE TheSveens-125cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-140cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-145cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-151PINIMAGE

Can you guess what Nic does for a living??? TheSveens-165cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-191cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-204cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-225PINIMAGEI love a fun wedding party! TheSveens-266PINIMAGE TheSveens-305cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-317PINIMAGE

Singing to her…… So, so so so sweet! TheSveens-329cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-354PINIMAGE TheSveens-371cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-379PINIMAGE TheSveens-385cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-421cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-428cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-443cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-446PINIMAGE TheSveens-450PINIMAGE TheSveens-462cbwPINIMAGE TheSveens-486cbwPINIMAGE

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